Bossa Nova Restaurant

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    Duration: 20 Days

  • Category

    Concrete Polishing, Grinding and Preparation, Self-leveling Overlayment

Bossa Nova Restaurant

Los Angeles-CA

A new project for Bossa Nova Restaurant. IT’S SO CLEAN to Grind, Prepare, Stain with logo application and Polish the Concrete Floor.

Job Performed in 20 Days

Time was the big challenge of this 1.500 square feet project. The opened to the public restaurant gave us a very short window to work from 4 am to 10 am.

Originally they were facing big problems with a slippery flooring due to an old Acrylic Coating, food grease, and detergent residue build-up, which created several layers and became a “soap bar” on the floor. On the top of these problems, the flooring had several steep ramps that were not properly angle leveled.  There were also problems with the drain system that some needs to be added and others had to be moved out to different areas in order to flow the water properly.

All the Preparation with demolition, patch repairs, self-leveling overlay on restrooms area, ramps and drain’s trench was done prior to finish the Grinding process and took over 15 days be completed. After all preparation done we started the Polishing process with a color dye and logo installation, including a Densifier and Penetrating Sealant application.

The high glossy natural wet look finishing with a yellow and reddish ascent gave a new cozy look to the restaurant ambient. IT’S SO CLEAN also trained the staff to properly maintain the floor, using an auto-scrubber and high-speed floor machine to keep up the floor always clean, free of food grease and polished all the times. The job was successfully done within 20 days of its commencement.