EvoCon – Gold’s Gym

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    Duration: 10 Days

  • Category

    Grinding and Preparation

Gold’s Gym / HCG Gold Wellness Center

Santa Maria-CA – 30.000 square feet

IT’S SO CLEAN to perform a full Concrete Floor Restoration.
When EvoCon Construction Inc. hire us to accomplish this project the distance from our base in LA was our big challenge. Santa Maria is located 3 hours north of Los Angeles and we had to be 100% prepared with all types of equipment, supplies, and workmanship to perform the job with less stress.

Performed in 10 Days

The 30.000 square feet facility was previously occupied by Gold’s Gym and were vacant to be lease by the owner. The hired project was to Grind and Prepare the entire concrete floor to receive a new flooring according to the new leaser’s floor plan. The Preparation includes the removal of all anchor bolts (more than 200 counted), patch all holes, divots, cracks and Grinding the floor removing the mastic glue, epoxy paint, and all the contaminants. The Concrete floor was restored and the job was successfully accomplished within 10 days of its commencement.