JMF DEV – Downtown LA

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    Duration: 7 Days

  • Category

    Epoxy Coating, Grinding and Preparation, Self-leveling Overlayment

Restaurant at Pershing Square Building

Downtown Los Angeles-CA

Project from JMF DEVELOPMENT LLC. IT’S SO CLEAN to Grind, Prepare and Install an Epoxy Coating on the floor of the restaurant facility under construction in Downtown Los Angeles.

Job Performed in 7 Days

The multi-level restaurant facility mixed with Terrazzo and Concrete floor, raised on the top of a nightclub basement, was a perfect match to perform an Epoxy Coating as requested. With a total area of square feet, the flooring preparation was very difficult due to various damages areas that needed to be demolished and installed a new overlay. Besides of that, we were faced a detailed search and patch job on cracks and holes that could be driven down to the floor below.  The result was simply amazing, the Epoxy coating gave a glossy shine wet look to the ambient and cost wise this is the most economic process to restore a floor and give a long good looking.