• IT'S SO CLEAN performs the best Steam Carpet Cleaning Process in Los Angeles area, using Top of Line TruckMount Steam Extractor Machine (one of the most powerful in the US market), hi-tech cleaning solutions and accessories, certified trained technicians and a professional application method.

• Drying Time is the crucial step in professional carpet cleaner job.
• When cleaning carpet, it is highly recommended that the drying occurs within six to eight hours, however, IT'S SO CLEAN proceeds with less than 3 Hours drying time after the job done.

• Protecting your Carpet after a Deep Cleaner job will repel oil, water and soil, avoiding re-soiling and stains to come back easily.
• Is Our policy to apply a Sealer, as well knowing "ScotchGuard", in all Carpet, Upholstery, Area Rugs, Tile and Grout and all natural stones cleaner jobs, for FREE!

• In addition to the best Professional Carpet Cleaner Services, we also want to offer the best price you can find in your area.
• In our website, you'll find a “Real-Time Estimate” page, a friendly tool that you find out how much your service will cost, as well scheduling an appointment and receiving a confirmation email.

SHINY CYCLE - CLEANING SYSTEM IS A DEEP CARPET CLEANER THAT INCLUDES: 1 – Pre-Inspection, reviewing scope of job and examine areas of special concerns; 2 – Moving light furnitures to make area clear; 3 – Pre-vacuum for dry soil and large objects removal; 4 – Remove spots and stains (include petroleum, protein and organic based stains); 5 - Proceed with Pet Urine Treatment (if requested); 6 – Pre-Spray with heated carpet pre-conditioner (this is a Deep Cleaning); 7 – Agitate, Rinse and Vacuum with Powerful Steam extractor (Truck mount only); 8 – Post cleaning Treatments (soil/stain Protectant); 9 - Place furniture back in original positions with furniture protection blocks; 10 - Groom the pile with a carpet rake and finish with fast Drying process, ONE hour drying time; 11 – Post cleaning inspection.
We use minimum residue cleaner solutions specially formulated for maximum results. If you have pets, babies or allergies, IT'S NO PROBLEM! Most of the cleaning solutions we use are “Green”, meaning there are no harsh chemicals or pathogens being used. We have cleaners that are non-allergic and safe for babies, in addition to heavy duty cleaners to help remove pet urine, stains and odors.
It is critical to have the right tools. Therefore, we come to your job site with a complete array of powerful and technologically advanced equipments. IT’S SO CLEAN Los Angeles provides steam cleaning by MAGIC WAND CO. The MW27 is a powerful steam cleaning unit designed to clean all types of residential and commercial carpet floors. The MW27 is a dual-wand unit, which means our cleaning system has suction ability strong enough for two technicians to clean off with the same unit at the same time. The following are key features and benefits we provide you. The suction (or extraction) power is well indicated by the length of hose the MW27 can efficiently use, that being 400 feet. That's the length of a football field plus another 100 feet. The vacuum strength of our cleaning system allows us to clean multi-story buildings as well as empowering us to use high application pressure. We already have use this machine on a 6 stories building with an insane power suction. The application pressure of the spraying jets is 3.4 g.p.m. at 3,000 p.s.i. That means we're capable of pressure washing a sidewalk. When providing steam cleaning, high application pressure allows us to penetrate through the carpet yarn to get the deeper sediment. Our cleaning system has a temperature range of up to 240 degrees, which is literally the ability to produce raw steam. Such a high temperature would never be used on carpet, but high temperature is the age old technique for residue removal whether you're cleaning laundry, dishes or carpet. A high temperature cleaning solution is needed to successfully remove air born grease which is common in restaurant areas.
CAUTION! Once we begin your carpet cleaning, we will apply special pretreatments and carpet solutions that are VERY SLIPPERY. Please take special caution when stepping off of the carpet onto a hard surface such as ceramic tile until the carpet is completely dry. CHILDREN AND PETS. Please secure your small children and pets from following us out of your home while the exterior doors are open. DRYING TIME. The drying time for most residential carpets is between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the thickness of the carpet, the yarn type, the volume of air circulation, the temperature and the relative humidity in the room. You may wish to improve the drying time by setting the temperature to about 75° F and turning on ceiling fans. Warmer air will draw moisture out of your carpet faster. Small amounts of moisture may remain at the base of the carpet yarn beyond 4 hours. FURNITURE STAINS. Some furniture made of wood or metal can create permanent stains if placed on damp carpet. We suggest that you do not remove the protective plastic slips or Styrofoam blocks that will be placed under your furniture until the carpet is fully dry. We also suggest that you not sit on the furniture protected by Styrofoam blocks until the blocks are removed. Readiness can be determined by sticking your fingers deep into the nap to feel for moisture. (CAUTION! Plastic slips and Styrofoam blocks can pose a serious risk for children and pets.) PRODUCTS. If you purchase additional spotting products or bottled treatments, please use them according to the directions on the bottles. FREQUENCY. There is no set rule as to how often carpet should be cleaned. Frequency of carpet cleaning varies due to the quality of the carpet, the amount of foot traffic, whether the carpet is protected or not, the frequency of vacuuming, the number of young children and pets, etc. Carpet should generally be cleaned before the soiling becomes noticeable. Sand and grit accumulates at the base of the carpet pile before it's noticed at the top of the carpet tufts. Sand and grit are abrasive to the carpet yarn, thus shortening the carpet's life span. Your customer care guide/warranty supplied by the manufacturer may specify a maximum length of time in between professional carpet cleanings. FUTURE SCHEDULING. If you would like to have your carpet cleaned on a routine basis, you may call our office at (310) 800-7525. Please mention to our representative that you would like your carpets cleaned on a 3, 6, 9, 12, or 18 month basis. We will contact you in advance to schedule your service.
IT'S SO CLEAN IS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Our job is guaranteed for 90 days against re-soiling. It’s so Clean guarantees that we will not overwet your carpet. We will not use any bleach products on your carpet, rugs, or upholstery. We do NOT guarantee the removal of any stains, pet odors, or pet hair. Stains such as acne medications, wine, mustard, Kool-aid, candy, colored stains, ink, rust, etc., usually request special stain removal methods. The removal of special stains is priced separately. Upholstery fabrics and rug yarns are often more delicate than that of carpet yarns. We take this into account by using gentler cleaning solutions and testing for color fastness. Our method of cleaning can be used on all water safe fabrics that have stable dyes. It’s so Clean does not accept any liability for unstable dyes. Dye problems must be addressed to the manufacturer of the fabric or yarn. Pet hair can present a formidable challenge due to its ability to cling to the fabric surfaces. The removal of pet hair is only guaranteed when priced separately. Added treatments will increase the drying time. We will attempt to remove carpet soiling, not carpet matting. Fiber matting hinders the cleaning process and should be accounted as permanent damage. Fiber matting is commonly associated with olefin (a.k.a., polypropylene) yarns. It’s so Clean is not liable for preexisting problems with the flooring products including but not limited to wrinkles, looseness, sunlight fading, weak seams, tears, burns, cracks, curling, cupping, spots, stains, separations, etc. You may be eligible for a refund or a second service call if the labor was flawed. Please do NOT attempt to fix a problem that you've noticed. Please contact us as soon as damage is noticed because there is a thirty (30) day time limitation. We will promptly respond to all inquires. The cleaning solutions we use in our cleaning division are bio-degradable. Our detergents are similar to the detergents that everyone uses to clean clothes. (Of course, no cleaning solutions are safe for consumption or for contact with the eyes.) Concern for your health is one of the greatest reasons to have your flooring thoroughly cleaned on a routine basis.

IT'S SO CLEAN performs the best Carpet Cleaning in Residential, Commercial, Warehouse, Office Building, Retail and Restaurant areas in Los Angeles County.