For any process of concrete surface finishing the initial Concrete Grinding and Flooring Preparation is the most important step to obtain the best result on the project.

This process usually takes more time, effort and labor to be accomplished than the polishing process or epoxy application itself.

The Surface Preparation includes repairing all structural Cracks; Clean and fill up control joints; Patch and repair holes and transition points; Remove and patch all nails, screws and anchor bolts, and so on.

Th Concrete Grinding Process is possible made by a large grinder machine as well an angle grinder tool. These machines and tools are responsible for leveling, smooth, or clean the top surface of a concrete surface. Applications include eliminating trowel marks, smoothing rough edges and high spots, adding texture to slippery surfaces, removing top coatings and contaminants off the floor, that includes thin-sets, epoxy coating, mortar, mastic, glue, etc. Scratches will be made on the surface but the using of finer diamond grits will erase these marks to achieve the desired results.

IT'S SO CLEAN performs the Concrete Grinding and Flooring Preparation process in Residential, Commercial, Warehouse, Office Building, Retail and Restaurant areas in Los Angeles County and most of the cities in Southern California.