What is floor Color Stain?

Floor color stain is an important part of concrete floor restoration. It is the color that is chosen and then applied to the surface layer of the floor during restoration. The color stain gives the final look to the surface of the concrete floor. Moreover, the color gives concrete flooring a beautiful and attractive presence and brings joy to the surrounding. Concrete surface colors can be dull, mild, and even vibrant depending on the location they are being applied to. Stain colored concrete resurfacing is mainly used for bringing beauty and to attract the viewer’s towards a certain area. Therefore, it is used in restaurants, parks, art galleries, museums, decorating purposes at homes, beauty salons, shopping malls, and the list goes on.

In restaurants shaded and textured combination colors are used. For instance, shades of yellow, red, and green along with other mild and eye-appealing colors. They accelerate the craving for food. In retail and superstores, the shade of white is used to make them appear widely-spaced. The garage floors and warehouses are kept in a combination of grey, black, and blue colors along with red and its shades.

IT'S SO CLEAN Specialized in Floor Color Stain

We are specialized in providing the best class quality color stains for multi-purposes in Los Angeles. The high-quality color stains are used that don't tear off, peel off, or diminish away because it spears deep down during the concrete floor restoration process. We offer reasonable packages of following concrete staining color:

  1. Color stains are used in home decor and provide a natural expression.
  2. Dye concrete colors are usually vibrant colors to write something on them used as background. The color stain gives layer appearance.
  3. Water-based stain colors are many types and have more shades than any other type of concrete color staining.


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