What is the Polished Garage Floor?

The polished garage floor is achieved by using industrial grinding tools and diamond polishing pads repeatedly on a concrete slab until it forms a glossy looking garage surface. Usually, the garage flooring is occupied with heavy lawn equipment and vehicles, as a result of which it requires a surface that is load friendly. A polished concrete garage floor appears to be one of the best ways out. The polished floor tolerates high traffic loads and also reduces the chances of damage. The polished and even concrete garage floor is required for proper keeping and moving of vehicles, without any potential wear and damage due to friction produced between the uneven concrete floor and the tires of the vehicle.

Although the methods and ranges of grits of the polishing floor depend on the quality of the existing concrete slab, the procedure of polished  floor takes less time than the floor restoration method as it doesn’t need any kind of adhesives to be used. Concrete grinding for a garage floor utilizes abrasive diamond metal pads to uncover the roughness of the surface, the floor becomes less slippery to avoid any sort of accidents, and also it requires less maintenance.

It's So Clean Specialized in Polished Garage Floor

The experts at IT’S SO CLEAN have been working in the field for over ten years now and specialize in the polished garage floor. Our work enthusiastically and professionally to satisfy the clients with the best possible services. We provide reasonable rates and packages for restoration and polishing of the garage floor and guide our customers about the best garage flooring options keeping in mind their needs. Our team never compromises on the quality of the products which we use during the whole procedure. A polished garage floor adds beauty to the overall look of the house and also proves to be the best option for heavily loaded areas.


Polished Garage Floor


Polished Garage Floor


Polished Garage Floor


Polished Garage Floor


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