What is Epoxy Garage Floor?

The epoxy is one of the toughest finishings for the garage floor. The epoxy garage floor is made up of epoxy resins blended with the polyamine adhesive. The Epoxy coating has the thermosetting property which makes it a unique choice for garage flooring. The most important feature of the this floor is its reliability and low maintenance. Different kinds of this floor can be chosen including flakes garage floor.

The epoxy concrete garage floor has many advantages. It is less slippery, high weight-bearing, and has fewer chances of damage. The high shine viscous coat of epoxy is useful in enhancing the light reflectivity. It is resilient against wear and tear from the destructive acidic and basic chemicals and is easy to clean.

Some of the epoxy coating types include metallic color coating, chip flake color coating, and solid color coating.

To achieve this fantastic, durable look at an affordable price, add epoxy to an existing garage concrete floor. The results are astounding!

It's So Clean Specialized in Epoxy Garage Floor

IT'S SO CLEAN is well-known for a skilled team of professionals working for the past 10 years in the Los Angeles and Orange County. Our expertise in the epoxy garage floors is also well recognized in the region. IT'S SO CLEAN provides the top quality of kits and reasonable packages for floor restoration and epoxy coating. The strength and adhesiveness of our epoxy coating help the floor to sustain heavy loads and require less maintenance which is both cost-effective and time-effective for our customers. Our epoxy coating works best for garages, warehouses and other industrial floors that have high traffic load require the floor to withstand heavy loads. It makes the area look presentable and covers the dusty floor that is sometimes the cause of excessive friction between the tires of vehicles on the floor which is a major cause of accidents commercially.


Epoxy Garage Floor - Santa Ana


Epoxy Garage Floor - Santa Ana


Epoxy Garage Floor - Santa Ana


Epoxy Garage Floor - Santa Ana


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