Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete is a multifaceted material that is custom made in appearance. It uses remarkable aggregates, rock crystals, and colors to have a sense of cosmopolitan manufacturing in commercial buildings and houses.

In a multi-step process, the solid floor is precisely ground down, sharpened and cleaned with fortified abrasives that are used for cutting the concrete surface of the floor. Polished concrete is purified with attention to small details to ensure a specified appearance level.

A compound hardener is applied that densifies the permeable cement, and than granulates it to the ideal gleam and perfection.

The reflective surface of polished concrete makes an evocative quality flooring which is desirable under any effect of light. It can be suitable for a variety of places, indoors and outdoors.

Architects have been using this multi-step method for years and years, for featuring walls, courtyard floors, and the exterior of large buildings, halls, museums, mosques, and similar places. Due to its durability and sturdiness, polished concrete is also common in the business ventures under heavy foot traffic.

The most important selling point of polished concrete is that it is easy to keep up. Its smooth hard surface makes it simple to clean, sturdy, and difficult to harm. Although cement can be prone to breaking down due to dampness and the structure settling, fixing materials can help in restore any cracks.

Steps of Polished Concrete

During concrete polishing, the area goes through a series of steps that use some of the grinding tools. These tools include industrial diamond polishing pads, abrasive cup wheels, dust vacuums, hardening and sealer agents. This method is environmentally friendly and LEED approved.

Grinding process

In the grinding process, the diamond segmented machines are utilized for polishing the concrete surfaces. The surface is ground until the desired smoothness and shine of the concrete surface is achieved. As the procedure proceeds the rough grits become finer.


Honed polishing

During the honed polishing step, the stone chunk is grounded to a smooth, level steady surface. It eliminates the reflective appearance and brings to it a matte surface and a velvet-like touch. This is for areas like floors and staircases that get a lot of foot traffic.

A honed finish is preferred for fairly absorptive surfaces because it makes the area very consistent. The approximate of the 100-grit adhesive to 400-grit adhesive is used for honing polishing which shows a low sheen finish.


Semi-polishing uses up to 800-grit or a higher diamond abrasive. The semi-polished surfaces are is usually shinier than honed polished ones. They begin to show higher light reflectivity and can reflect the lightening from a great distance of 30 to 50 feet.


Full polishing

Full polishing is the final and most important step of concrete polishing. It is the highest category step for a concrete floor polishing where the higher-level grits are used. These girts are approximately 1500 to 3000-grit.

The full polishing level of polished concrete shows the highest degree of shine. At the end of this step, the floor has a clear reflection of the objects over it. It results in a glass-like look and seems to be almost like a mirror.

After this long procedure of concrete polishing, the level of gloss is measured with a scale. The main point to remember is that the level of grit is chosen by the owner or the manufacturer according to the polish required and the smoothness of the surface.

Once concrete polishing is finished, it leaves behind a shiny, beautiful, and a velvet touch like surface.

Advantages of Polished Concrete Floor

There are many advantages of concrete polishing. It is useful in many different ways and it benefits people to a large extent.



Polished concrete flooring helps in the maintenance of the floor as these surfaces are compacted tightly to reduce any possible stains. While the other floorings need sanitary maintenance more often by in the form of aggressive scrubbing, polished concrete is easy to clean and saves time.



Concrete grinding helps the surface to eliminate the need for resurfacing and messy waxing and make it durable for high foot traffic. These surfaces do not get stains and hold up well.



The polishing of concrete flooring is a long-lasting one-time investment that lasts for up to 15 to 20 years.


The elimination of dust particles

In ordinary concrete, dust particles are pushed on to the surface by a force called hydrostatic pressure but, when the concrete is polished, the remain no extra topical sealers that restrain the moisture content to leave the slab.


Non-slippery surface

The concrete polished surfaces are beautiful and shiny but are not slippery. Because of flattening and grinding the floor, the coefficient of friction increases as compared to the original concrete.


Improved lighting:

Concrete polishing increases the reflective properties of the floor. Different kinds of lights maximize the reflection effect,  which results in a better ambient light.

What Are The Places Polished Concrete Floor Can Be Used?

The polished concrete floor is essential for it has many benefits. It is widely used in residential buildings and homes, commercial offices, and in the industrial areas. It is used indoors and outdoors in schools, restaurants, hospitals, homes, warehouses, retail store superstores, and walking pathways.




Garage and Warehouse floor:

The slight polished and even concrete floor is required for proper keeping and moving of vehicles, without any potential wear and damage due to friction produced between the uneven concrete floor and the tires of the vehicle.


Basement floor:

The basement floor of residential and commercial areas are polished to maintain aesthetics and gives the desired look and feel.


Stair-Case Floor:

The polished concrete makes stair climbing comfortable, protects the floor, and adds beauty to the house.


Kitchen and Bathroom floor:

The polished concrete is used in the bathroom and kitchen floor to give a visual and appealing look. It is made hard-wearing, less shiny, and less slippery therefore it is reliable for daily use.


Retail store and Superstore floor:

The polished concrete floor is suitable for retail stores and superstores as it requires low maintenance. It is comfortable to walk on, easy to clean, and can withstand heavy foot traffic.


Restaurants floor:

In restaurants, the polished concrete with oil paint coats adds a glassy appearance which appeals to the visitor and is attractive.

Why IT’S SO CLEAN is Leader in Polished Concrete Floors in Los Angeles?

IT’S SO CLEAN is a well-recognized and in-demand concrete polishing service in Los Angeles and Orange County. We have been in business for the past 10 years, dealing with concrete, it's polishing, it's designing, and its utilization in residential, commercial, and industrial areas.


At IT’S SO CLEAN, concrete material quality and quantity are never compromised. We use the best products and raw materials for designing every project we are assigned. We are equipped with a large array of equipment and have an experienced crew of technicians who are specialized in their work.


From making of concrete to placing it in a walkway or a house, we consider it our duty to do the best that is both user friendly and environment friendly at the same time.


IT'S SO CLEAN is the best concrete floor of Los Angeles and Orange County because of the following reasons:



The material used is of top quality but it is our main goal to make this service affordable to all types of our valuable customers. We provide different packages that are pocket friendly for everyone.


Aesthetically appealing

The furnished and polished concrete floors are highly demanding because they beautify the surrounding. The concrete material used is the finest and of top quality with its characteristic, tensile, and compressive strength.


Customer care is the prior goal

We have the best customer care service before, during, and after the work is completed. We take timely actions on queries of our dear customers.


Easy to clean and take care of

Our polished floors require low maintenance and are durable. For industrial use, we have a special kind of concrete polishing that is not easily destroyed by heavy machinery.


The large array of Equipment

We have the latest technology and all the required machinery make our work best and creative so it gets recognized over Los Angeles.


An experienced crew of Technicians

We have specialized and trained workers for specialized tasks.

IT’S SO CLEAN is Specialized in Polished Concrete Floor

Concrete polishing is not an easy task it requires knowledge and expertise. IT’S SO CLEAN is the solution for all concrete floor polishing related problems. We value the preferences of our customers and through a guided process we discuss the whole procedure to satisfy them. Our specialization in concrete floor restoration follows two kinds of processes.


The dry polishing process for floor restoration is mostly used to get a highly polished and aesthetically appealing floor. It requires large commercial polishing machinery to ground the floor surface. It doesn't require water which assists it in producing a shinier surface.


Special dust extraction systems are also incorporated with those diamond abrasive machines to prevent the harmful dust particles of silica and other materials from being used in floor restoration and polishing.


As the benefits are more so its cost is greater than the wet process. Additionally, the final result of floor polishing is also more attractive and beautiful. Mostly this kind of floor restoration takes place in restaurants, home decoration, and other indoor places.


The wet process is slightly cheap as compared to the dry process. It requires water as a medium that lowers the temperature of diamond abrasives to prevent dust particles, but it produces slur which needs to be cleaned after polishing. The final product is less shiny and this type of polishing is used in retail stores, offices, and some outdoor areas.


With the help of the above-mentioned floor restoration processes, we provide many services including; flooring restoration, surface refinishing, epoxy coatings, sealing concrete, color stain, industrial concrete polishing, crack repair, and many more.


Conclusively, ITS SO CLEAN concrete polishing service, is one of the best and most trusted concrete flooring company throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. We guarantee our customers the best quality of services, at the most competitive prices.


We are successful in meeting our customers’ expectations which is a result of the hard work of our dedicated team. We work professionally, and with diligence, we deliver our services. We have a solution to each of the polished concrete problems that are posed to us, and we look forward to working for every floor polishing need in a residential, commercial, and industrial area.