What is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy coating is a method of coating a concrete floor with an epoxy solution that both protects the concrete and makes the floor look like glass. The epoxy used for coating concrete consists of two distinct parts mixed in a similar way to make epoxy glue.

This coating can tolerate heavy load and high foot traffic due to its hardening and adhesive properties and leaves behind minimal chances of damage.

Epoxy flooring can add a glass-like finish to your flooring. This method of flooring produces a beautiful shine on top of any smooth surface. Through a mix of a Resin and Hardener, epoxy flooring adds an additional layer of protection to the flooring while simultaneously revamping the aesthetics of the floor. This beautiful glass-like shine can be achieved by the professional application of epoxy onto your flooring. Epoxy goes perfectly with any concrete floor.

To achieve this fantastic, durable look at an affordable price, add epoxy to an existing concrete floor. The results are astounding!

IT'S SO CLEAN Specialized in Epoxy Flooring

ITS SO CLEAN specializes in epoxy flooring, with experienced professionals who are specifically trained to make any floor look like new.

ITS SO CLEAN’s epoxy flooring process starts by thoroughly grinding, restore and prepare the concrete floor, prior to applying any epoxy. This allows the epoxy flooring to be applied with a consistent coating, free from any impurities. This will achieve the desired smooth, glass-like appearance. Once the flooring is prepared for coating, we creates a smooth and durable finish that shines for years to come.

ITS SO CLEAN’s crews of experienced professionals apply the epoxy carefully, paying close attention to every detail to ensure a smooth, flawless finish. This process sounds time-consuming, but with our experienced crews, the process is amazingly quick, as the crew is trained to work cohesively as a team.


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Epoxy Coating Retail Store


Epoxy Coating Retail Store

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Epoxy Coating Retail Store

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