What is the concrete floor resurfacing, Overlay?

Concrete floor resurfacing makes the damaged concrete in a new condition again. It uses a thin layer of cement overlay which is mixed with special bonding agents and then poured on the damaged concrete flooring. Concrete overlays are cement-based products that can be used for both pouring and decorative purposes. Self-leveling overlays are poured on the floor surface and spread evenly on the whole surface. They flow much easier and spread much faster. Self-leveling overlays have numerous benefits like they can level uneven floors, give a smooth and durable concrete for decorative purpose, and repair the damaged flooring surfaces.

Self-leveling overlay is easy to use and ready-made substance. It's just like pour some water in the mixture and spread it on the surface. It is mostly used before installing the surface coverings which are used for smoothing and flattening the interior surfaces. As the surface dries it turns into a durable and stronger surface. Concrete floor resurfacing is preferred for offices, commercial businesses, restaurants, and retail shops as they are heavy foot traffic areas. It is quicker and more economical than pouring a new concrete on the surface. Resurfacing makes the floor beautiful and smooth.

Even though concrete floor resurfacing is mostly used to repair the concrete floor, it can still be used to receive a fresh new look as well. The concrete floor can be resurfaced with a decorative overlay, or use a variety of finishing techniques to bring a brand new appearance to the floor.

There are a wide variety of options to choose from that can give the concrete floor a brand new look that any customer base is sure to appreciate. We can also offer a wide variety of finishes to give the flooring many desired appearance. These finishes include epoxy coating, stain and seal, metallic epoxy coating, polishing floor, etc. We can even offer unique decorative overlays to add logos or medallions to the flooring. If a truly unique look is the goal, we can add a stencil using color dye or stain the concrete with many choices of colors.

It's So Clean specialized in floor resurfacing process?

IT'S SO CLEAN is a well-recognized and in-demand concrete resurfacing service in Los Angeles. We have been dealing with different kinds of concrete resurfacing for the past ten years. Our team works passionately to provide the best services to the clients. We use the process of concrete resurfacing for making smooth and flattened surfaces by utilizing quality substances and tools like self-leveling overlay and self-leveling underlayment which are easy yet tricky to use. The floor resurfacing is better for the areas which have heavy foot traffic. Concrete resurfacing is usually preferred for residential, offices, commercial warehouses, retail stores, and restaurants.


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Concrete Floor Resurfacing


Concrete Floor Resurfacing 


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Concrete Floor Resurfacing 


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